Thursday, September 08, 2011

Curse of the Weregiraffe: The Pitch

So I'm working on a book called, "Curse of the Weregiraffe." The mock-up cover is on the previous post. Here's the pitch:

Andy Friedman is cursed.
What happened to all the trees in Gracie Park? Who broke into The United Cabbage and Fruit Cannery and emptied every single can of canned cabbage? And how did a giant monster giraffe get into the Forest J. Ackerman Junior High School Multi-Purpose Room during the basketball game between the Forrest J. Ackerman Junior High Junior B Giants, and the Hugo Gurnsback Junior High Junior B Ferrets?

While on African Safari with his family, sixth grader Andy Friedman is bitten by a giraffe. In fact, it wasn’t even a bite, but a nip. A harmless nip.

One month later, on the first night of the gibbous moon (the stage of the lunar cycle just before and just after the full moon) Andy felt the hunger. The hunger that caused every leaf, every lawn, every tree and every plant that Andy laid eyes on (even his mother’s nasturtium!) to be irresistibly delicious! And it was that night, that the hunger turned Andy into the most horrible of all herbivores, the weregiraffe!

But when Andy meets Professor Glen Strange, he finds that his best friend Ogden isn’t the only one who knows his secret. And Andy soon discovers that professor Strange knows more about Andy’s secret than even Andy himself.

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