Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Curse of the Weregiraffe

This is a spec cover for a YA chapter book I've been writing, so the book doesn't officially exist yet. The book only needs a final polish at this point, but I"m pretty happy with it.

I've been having a great time writing it and this was a fun piece to do. I just finished all my stuff for the SCBWI meeting, including my Cricket pieces, so this was just a little bonus piece. I was working on it before I did the Cricket assignment, so all I needed to do was color it. I'm having fun adding a lot more diverse textures, everything from pastel, to watercolor to graphite. I got the texture on the quilt with graphite on canvas board with a pencil rendering dropped over top of it. The moon is watercolor turned into a transparent clipping path and placed over pastel. The wood textures are a combination of ink dry brush and gaouche dry brush. The only truly digital thing is the highlights. I was also lucky to find that great tree textile online, as well as the typeface which is called "Creepsville". I'm really pleased with it. Hopefully some version of it will end up as the actual cover.

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