Saturday, June 02, 2012

Another Girl With Ball

Another pencil image of my girl playing with a ball sequence:

Sequential action is so much how I would like to approach children's books in general. My two greatest influences in this area are Raymond Briggs who did the Snowman, and Hilary Knight who illustrated the Eloise. I can't get me enough of that Eloise. She's all over the pages, riding elevators and dancing and causing all kinds of mischief. The recently collected the whole series of four books. The other three have been out of print forever, so I recommend snatching it up!


  1. I totally agree...isn't Eloise just the BEST! I so admire Hilary Knight and his ability to draw her so convincingly over and over again!

  2. I LOVE Eloise! Though Sendak's Rosie is definitely in the same class. But Knight's work on Eloise is just a monument of sequential storytelling in kid's books. Sequential action is something I've always been attracted to, whether it's Sendak or Knight or Raymond Briggs. When you have so few words to work with, it can really bring the characters to life!