Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Another Ladybug and Gentleman Beetle Post

Another Ladybug and Gentleman Beetle rough for my dummy in progress. I'm putting this together in Indesign--it's so easy in Indesign to move pages around and get rid of pages and see the whole picture at once, a lot easier than the old cut and paste (with actual glue!), analog way. It makes revisions incredibly easy, and I don't feel so committed to the layout.

The main thing I'm worried about is word to image density. There's a lot of dialogue in the very beginning with Ladybug and Gentleman Beetle basically sitting around, and I want to spread this out in a way that's still engaging and interesting. The entire book is less than 500 words, so this is, of course, relative, but visually and compositionally I don't want any passage of text to be more than about 4 lines or in that general range. The images should be the stars of the show. Always, with a picture book, the challenge is to get the reader to turn the page, and kids can be very fickle readers. They don't have the patience of adults, and this is a relatively quiet story. So enough blogging--back to the drawing board! I hope to get this sucker done in dummy form by next monday at the latest!

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