Saturday, March 01, 2014

New Sketches from Florida

My dad and I met at my sister's house in Fort Myers Florida last week so that we all could spend some time together. My niece and nephew are all grown up--21 and 23 respectively. Pleasantly, my niece and I learned that we had a mutual interest in Manga and Anime, and we had something to talk about, sharing favorites and introducing one another to new discoveries. So that was cool. 

Just about every time I visit my dad, I do a portrait, and this time was no exception.

Each portrait is a little different, and the last time his face was a little fuller because he was taking the blood thinner, Prednisone after his heart surgery. So this is 89 year old post Prednisone dad, a little skinnier, and a little better drawn than the last one. Good to know that I've improved a little in the last couple of years.  Drawing my dad is a good time for us to talk (as long as he manages to stay awake) and he's about the only one of my friends and family willing to pose long enough to make a decent portrait.  

In Fort Myers we took a pontoon boat to a place called "bird Island" which isn't quite Duck Island, but it was beautiful nonetheless, two little islands where herons and other birds congregate. I went to a place called Manatee Park, where the Manatees are attracted to the warm run-off from the local power plant, but alas, only caught a glimpse of one manatee.

I didn't take any of these, but here's Bird Island from the Fort Myer's Beach website:

And this is a picture of the Manatee Park sign from a tourism site: 

And I didn't see this:

But I could have. 

 No drawings or pictures--sometimes it's nice to just experience a place without looking at it through a lens or studying it with a pencil.

The airport, however, was another story:

A couple of delayed flights and long layovers offered plenty of sketch time.  Spoiled by the posed model, I'm still trying to land on a good method to do quick sketches of uncooperatively fidgety passers by. I don't know how people manage it! I've really got to spend more time getting better at this. Drawing from life is one of the best ways to maintain your chops, and keep your drawings lively. 

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