Thursday, March 06, 2014

Advance Copies of (Mostly) Wordless Look Seriously Great!

So, after the misprinted endpapers debacle, Asia Pacific, true to their word, have reprinted the book. I just got a few advance copies, and they look terrific!

Here are the endpapers as they're meant to look:

With the indicia (all that small print legal stuff) and dedication on the page facing opposite the title page:

And here's the cover:

And here I've tilted it just a little so you can see the spot lamination effect as it catches the light:
 And here it is listed in the distributor's catalog, solicited for May:
 Though yours will be sent out in April.

I'm in the process of getting the original art done--our $1000 contributor chose cheetahs as the subject of her painting commission, so I've been working on some Cheetah sketches in preparation. 

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