Monday, November 01, 2010

Daily Post: SCBWI Spring Spirit Conference Contest Entry

So this is the finished image with the Robin. This is my entry to the Society of Children's Book Writer's and Illustrators Spring Spirit Conference contest.

And a detail:

With this one I was working on my cute--this has been a criticism of my work of late, that my characters aren't, appealing, or essentially, cute enough. This needs to read pretty small so detail in the expression isn't going to read to any great degree, so I mostly worked on cute. More brush feathering in this one, with the hair, and of course, the feathers. This was done in four pieces, the landscape, the clouds, the bird and the kids all done separately. The landscape and clouds were done pretty large--18x24, then pieced together in photoshop from the scans. Color is, once again, scanned watercolor and gouache textures.

The winner of the contest will have their image used to promote the conference, and will be invited to have dinner with the art directors and editors in attendance. It's a huge showcase for your work. I know some of the very talented people who will likely be entering, so the competition will be pretty stiff.

I wrote this on Saturday and am posting it today--its got to be postmarked Nov. 1st, so hopefully I got it in the mail right under the wire.

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