Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Another Rhinoceros Beetle

This beetle is just gorgeous, and I think I almost did justice to him. I'd hate to see this guy flying in my direction. He's huge! I apologize for my unscientific names--I'm sure there are different names for different types of rhinoceros beetles, but I'm too lazy to find out.

I like the weird geometry of these bugs, as if they were made out of primitives in a 3D modeling program, all spheres and cylinders. The top shape of the head on this one is like a Brancusi sculpture. I like the way the wings pop out of this little hatchback.

After spending a week and a half on a recent piece, the one I wrote about earlier, and after my third version, I conceded to defeat. I might return to the subject later and rethink it, but for now I'm going to stop spinning my wheels and move on. I'll likely post every day again, now that I'm not saddled with that one.

My Fly Cover, Recently Featured On the blog, "Covered"

Covered is a site where various artists and cartoonists do their own versions of classic comic book covers. You can see mine, here.

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