Saturday, November 20, 2010

Daily Post: From El Topo

The little naked boy from El Topo:


  1. Jed, you are on fire! Your drawings are becoming more and more expressive with each post. I really love the Santa Claus pieces. The way you balanced the colors, the body language of the figures and the distorted perspective make this an extremely powerful image.

    In response to your comment about the DAZ review. I too tried this programs a few years back when it was still early in development. I hated it at first, putting it away for along time. After seeing some recent images created using the software, I decided to give the upgraded version a chance. It was really awesome and pretty much fixed every single issues I had with it. Just takes little while to get used to it. But it's super user friendly on a Mac because you can pose with your Wacom tablet.

    Give it a shot sometimes. And keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks Tin! Still having trouble getting the base figures to load on DAZ. I'll figure it out.

    And thanks so much for all your positive feedback! The key to my improvement is as simple as what you and many others have taught me by example: draw every day!!!

  3. Also Tin: remember when I used to complain about how I didn't know how to do perspective? I would have never been able to do a plausible curvilinear landscape a couple of years ago. Aside from the initial single column grid I did this baby freehand! One of the most basic tools that has helped me so much with perspective is putting a simple X through anything to find the center of it. I used to make perspective way harder than it ever needed to be.